Cost Law Commentary

Non compliance with 21 day period for itemised bill earns slap on the wrist

Thanks to Stephen Warne and his excellent blog for pointing out that the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner is publishing some cost determinations here.  Having briefly looked through a couple, I noted one where the practitioner had failed to provide an itemised bill within 21 days of the request, providing the bill 44 days after the request.  The failure to comply with the time limit in the LPUL resulted in an order that the practitioner attend professional development in costs. Admittedly, the amount of the lump sum bill was quite low ($2,200) and therefore the work involved in preparing the itemised bill was not necessarily substantial, but 21 days is a very short period.  Query if the Commissioner would take the same view if the bill was $25,000 or $100,000.

So don't sit on your hands ignoring a request for an itemised bill!  Be aware of the time limits.