Cost Law Commentary

What does the law firm of the future look like?

In April 2009, lawyers, clients and law students predicted what the firms of the future would look like, in a competition at Indiana University - Competitors envision law firms of the future: IU News Room: Indiana University .  The aim was to structure a firm which would thrive for a further 20 years. Common themes were alternative fees, a collaborative working environment and a focus on efficiency.

Three years one, what progress has been made?  Alternative fees are definitely on the agenda and increasing.  Good firms are focussing on the other two, with efficiency measures going hand in hand with profitable alternative fee arrangements. Collaborative working environments still have some way to go.

But there remain too many firms who are taking no steps to change.

How many will still be in existance in 2029?

For those who aim to be thriving in 20 years, consider attending a Firm of the Future forum in Australia in March 2012.  Guaranteed to be interesting, thought provoking, and full of ideas to ensure your firm thrives.